Barry´s equipement

Barry McCabe

Gibson Les Paul Junior '57
Gibson ES 175 '62
Fender Del Mar Acoustic

Ampeg Reverborocket combo
Ampeg Gemini combo
Vox 125 Lead Amp
Marshall 4 x 12" (purple coloured and sloped) speaker cabinet
Mesa Boogie Mk II (modified)

Effects & Things:
Pedal: Dynacomp (MXR)
Pedal: Chorus (BOSS)
Pedal: Hendrix Wah Wah

GHS strings (GBL light - 10 to 46) for electric guitars
Martin Phosphor Bronze (extra light) for acoustic

Plectrums: No particular brand, as long as they're strong, but not rock hard.
Francis McIlduff

The drones: made by Sean Mc Aloon
The regulators: made by Dave Williams
Low Whistle: Phil Hardy
Uilleann pipes: Rowesome
The chanter: Rowsome

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