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The peace within
special Guest:
Davy Spillane
Barry McCabe - Guitars, vocals
Davy Spillane - Uilleann pipes, Low Whistle
Harry Knight - Saxophone
Sean Maguire - Bass
David Snel - Drums
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Mixing Celtic music & the Blues for the first time, Barry Mc Cabe and Davy Spillane bring you - "Celtic Blues" from Ireland.

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The excerpts after each song are taken from the book
"The Making of the Peace Within",
written by Suzanne Delaney

1. Burrenstone Sunrise
(written by Barry McCabe)
This piece of music is to celebrate a new day,
a new album and a new musical direction for me

2. One of these days
(written by Barry McCabe)
Why always wait for other people to change, if at the end
of the day the only person you can change is yourself.

3. Pick a bale o´ cotton
(written by Barry McCabe)
My identification with this blues song lies in the similarities
of the oppression of  the ealy black people in America
to that of the irish nation before statehood.

4. Interlude
(written by Barry McCabe)

5. The Emigrant (dedicated to Rory Gallager, R.I.P)
(written by Barry McCabe/Davy Spillane)
A dedication to Rory Gallagher who was the single biggest influence on my
career. Saddened to hear the news of his death came the realisation that, like
many Irish people, he was an emigrant. His heart stayed in Ireland even though
his home was no longer there.

6. The peace within
(written by Barry McCabe)
If this song sounds loud and agressive, it´s to
remind you how loud and aggressive war is.

7. (Gotta) Let it go
(written by Barry McCabe)
This song is about the way we think and the reason why we
think in this way, and more importantly why we should
let a lot of it go as it´s only things we´ve been told to think.

8. Kissin´ in your sleep
(written by Barry McCabe)
Some people are accused of talking in their sleep, and at least
one person I know is accused of kissin´ in his sleep.

9. You don´t love me
(written by Cobbs)

10. Istanbul Blues
(written by Moroder)

11. "Oh well"
(written by P. Green)

12. Adam & Eve
(written by Barry McCabe)
This song is about growing up, which isn´t always easy.

13. Nobody´s Hero
(written by Barry McCabe)
Everybody should look for their own answers.