Barcelona, Spain, 17 June 2003

written by Rafa Porcar

Yesterday I received my baptism as a Barry Mc Cabe fan! Well, actually it was more like a civil wedding, not the same splendour as a wedding in a church, but…
The mini-gig was at the FNAC, a record store situated in Pedralbes, one of the richest neighbourhoods in Barcelona…
The band had some technical problems (related mostly to flight delays and a story about a sandwich…) and the concert was delayed by half an hour or so, and unfortunately when they began to play some people had already left the venue… (well, I was there): "You don't love me" was the first song, performed with energy (even though they told me after the show that they were controlling themselves). I'm looking forward to the real "energetic" version.
After three songs Francis, with his pipes under his arm, appeared after a delayed flight and when they played "The Emigrant" with guitar and pipes alone it was a great moment… The final song was "Adam and Eve", that Barry plays alone and was accompanied by Willie (the drummer) on backing vocals…

Ok, after the show we got the chance of departing with the band, eating something and trying to combat the bloody hot weather with some red wine!

Stay tuned for comments on tomorrow's concert!