Barcelona, Spain, 19 June 2003

written by Rafa Porcar

During a terribly hot evening in Barcelona, Barry Mc Cabe & Band played in La Boite, inside a tight agenda of concerts & interviews - even a performance on a local TV Show.
The show revisited most of the songs on The Peace Within CD and I have to say that after dozens of gigs these songs have developed from the original recordings (in a positive way), integrating Celtic and r'n'roll rhythms and melodies in a very fluid way.
Although you can hear various and great r'n'r and blues guitar solos, the instrumental melodies are more balanced with the important role of Harry on the sax - and some other instruments like maracas and a big drum - and Francis with the pipes and the whistle -  tremendous music player. The rhythm of the band is guaranteed by Willy and the bass player - sorry, I don't remember his name... - directing the path of the songs with power and brighfulness, and having good reflexes too! Willy played an impressive 5-minute solo  
while Barry was changing a string. In the middle of the concert the band left Barry alone with Francis and he played the emotional "The Emigrant". After that Barry played a couple of acoustic songs: "Adam and Eve" and an acoustic blues - sorry I don't know the name. Then the band delivered the final rush of the concert. As an encore - a mid tempo blues with slide.
BTW I missed more slide guitar, Barry - I felt as if Rory himself took control of Barry's hands and throat... not trying to imitate Rory, but it's obvious Barry drank of the same waters...
A great r'n'r & blues night... very emotional for me!