Reus, Spain, 20 June 2003

written by Diana Lopez

Hi everyone!

First of all I want to introduce myself. My name is Diana, I'm 25
and actually I'm studying in Barcelona. The first time I heard about
Barry & his band was not long ago, but I have to admit that right
now I'm a true fan. That's the reason why I went to three of their
four shows in Spain.
I'm not a professional critic, but I must say that these shows were such an experience, specially the one in Reus. Of course you can take a special piece from each show. For example, the long solo that Willy performed in La Boite (Barcelona) or Francis playing the whistle in "The Emigrant".
The Reus concert was special because of the place (La Palma), the crowd, and the way the music sounded. It was really great. People were completely happy, they asked Barry and the band to play again and again. Awesome I think. Finally I just wanted to say that this is such a great band, but they are not only great musicians, Barry and the guys are also great people who obviously love the things they do.
Hope to see you soon!

Best regards,