Zundert, Holland09/07/2003

written by Raymond Vermeer

I've been in Zundert where Barry performed at a small stage outdoors
a pub, entertaining the mostly drunken crowd that was having a party
because there had been a flower show that day. It's a famous show
that attrackts lots of foreign visitors.

My interest was to see Barry and the Band, because it was about five
years ago that I had seen him perform and my girlfriend and her
father (an 'old' rocker) wanted to see him life too. They are great
fans of his CD's.

The band threw a great musical party that rocked the area for two
hours and I enjoyed it fully. I only wished the crowd had been more
rewarding. They seemed more interested in their beers, about which
Barry made a humorous remark later that evening. He wanted the crowd
to clap their hands, but noticed that they couldn't do that because
of the beers they were holding. So he asked them to give the beers to
him because he was thirsty. Immediately a few offered him their beers.

But generally the people liked the music, because it is to good to
walk away from.

I enjoyed it very much and hope to see and hear more of Barry and the
band soon.

Take care,